Discipleship Walk

Experience the Discipleship Walk Weekend

Watch this video from Kevin for a glimpse into the Discipleship Walk experience.

More Testimonials

The walk was amazing. I not only reconnected with God but I connected deeper with a great group of fellow believers. I learned a lot about the word, the struggles and victories we all face, and about myself. I was blown away by all the love I felt from others. I've never witnessed such a level of service. Lastly, I was humbled by the presence of my Lord. Forever grateful.


"I've never been great at prayer. Never had that "aha" moment with God or the Holy Spirit. I can truly pinpoint the exact moment when I first really heard/felt the Holy Spirit speak to me. It was Friday night of the Women's Discipleship Walk. I was on my knees, palms open — all the ugly tears. I heard God say loud and clear, "Let me love you." In that moment, on my knees at some ungodly hour of the night … I realized that I wasn't letting God in to love me because I didn't love me."


13 years ago, I came home from my Discipleship Walk, to my wife who was attending the Women's Walk the next weekend and said, "All I know, is that our lives will never be the same."  I am a testament of the Lord's faithfulness to say that my life is not the same! The Lord used the Discipleship Walk to start me down a path of redemption, a path of stepping up as a man to face my fears, and down a path of an exciting adventure living for Him.

- AB