About The Walk

History of the Discipleship Walk

Created in 1989, the Discipleship Walk is a three-day weekend experience that allows individuals to gain a more meaningful, renewed and relevant walk with Christ. By allowing individuals to unplug from the demands of their normal schedules, participants are able to focus on their relationship with Christ.

As a result of this experience, participants come to better understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Many who have attended consider this weekend as one of the most meaningful experiences of their life.

The Discipleship Walk is similar to the Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus and Great Banquet movements but has a greater focus on discipleship.

What exactly is Discipleship Walk?

In a nutshell, Discipleship Walk is a 3-day weekend experience designed to draw individuals into a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord. The Discipleship Walk strives to provide a setting where individuals can literally unplug from their daily lives, remove the distractions of home and work in order to focus on their relationship with the Lord. The environment created on each weekend allows participants to experience God's love in tangible ways. During the three days, individuals deepen their discipleship skills and are better equipped to live as modern day disciples of Jesus. Participants then go back to where they came from with the desire, knowledge and tools necessary to make a difference in their world.